Rifle Hunting

at Eland Safaris

Let Eland Safaris take you on the ULTIMATE hunting experience! Even if it is your first trip to South Africa, a hunt for the Big Five or Plains Game, we are here to cater to your hunting needs and create lasting memories.

It’s early morning in Africa, the hunter has tracked the Kudu bull for two hours, he knows he is getting closer, he can tell by the fresh dung and newly broken twigs next to the “spoor”.

The hunter freezes, he hears a faint noise as the bull is picking the fresh new leaves of a Mopani tree but has not yet spotted him. He slowly moves closer to see the bull. He is magnificent! The hunter moves closer still to get a better shot, he takes careful aim, his finger squeezes the trigger and the shot rings in the morning sunrise.

Now that’s the excitement of an African hunt! Here at Eland Safaris that’s what we want you to experience.

Your professional hunter will strive to ensure that you obtain your trophies in a sportsmanlike and ethical manner, he will expose you to the widest variety of game species, landscapes and habitat in all of Africa. He will see to it that your African Safari will be an unforgettable one that you will cherish forever.

Through selective trophy hunting on all our concessions including our own private ranches, Eland Safaris is proud to say that we offer only the finest rifle hunting experiences available in this country. Eland Safaris dedicated professional hunters, with years of experience in the African bush, will guide you to your dream trophy. And we have many references to prove just that!

Hunting Season
We conduct hunting safaris throughout the year, however we recommend the months of March to October.
Each hunt is planned in detail to suit the personal requirements, of the hunter and non-hunting observers.
Our typical hunting day will start at the crack of dawn after a small breakfast made up of coffee, cereal and toast (or whatever the you prefer). Then you and your professional hunter will be off to one of our well managed concession areas or one of our private ranches where you will spend the entire morning hunting depending on the hunting area and game you’re after, you might spend the entire day out, in that case we will supply a lunch box and plenty of refreshments for the day. Should you not stay out the whole day we normally have a brunch at around 11am, then it is time for a quick siesta. We will start the afternoon hunt as soon as you are ready.

Most important, is that we cater towards each and every client’s needs. We will make recommendations however, the final decision rests with the client in which way they want to hunt. Our preferred method is to use one of our well equipped hunting vehicles, until we spot the trophy we are after and then make a stalk. We have 36 species on our trophy list. It is therefore important to note that all the species do not naturally occur in all the hunting areas and it is essential that we know what your priority animals are. The client must understand that there will be some traveling involved for some species.

Rifle Hunting
We would recommend that you use a minimum of a .30 calibre rifle on all Plains Game, with a 3 to 9 variable scope, and a minimum of an 180gr high quality soft nose cartridge such as a Swift A-frame. For the dangerous game, a .375 or bigger with a compact scope and high quality swing-off mounts is recommended. On the small cats we recommend a soft nose. For Cape Buffalo – bring a good supply of high quality soft nose cartridges as well as some solids. For Elephant, Rhino and Hippo – use only solids. Most important – use a rifle that you feel comfortable with and have used successfully in the past. Should you prefer, you are more than welcome to rent one of our rifles, that way you do not go through the hassle of transporting a rifle on the plane.